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    The Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back U.S. laws designed to ensure a free and open internet, a controversial yet expected decision that critics say hands control of web traffic to a small number of billion-dollar companies.


    In spite of race, in spite of partisanship, and in spite of voter suppression laws, it was black voters in Alabama who delivered an astonishing victory for Democratic senator-elect Doug Jones on Tuesday night. Can the grassroots organization work again in the 2018 elections?

  3. EU-DEFENCE/Macron-Merkel

    European Union nations, now unfettered by Britain's decision to quit, achieved a 70-year-old ambition on Thursday to integrate their defences, launching a pact between 25 EU governments to fund, develop and deploy armed forces together.

  4. Samia Badani

    As British officials, including the royals, memorialize the six-month anniversary of the Greenfell Tower fire, area residents are still haunted by the tragedy and angered by what they see as a poor government response.

  5. France Train Accident

    Four children are dead after a train and a school bus collided in southwestern France, the Interior Ministry says.